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After hearing you've been asked to do a photo shoot for a suntan lotion from your publicist, Maria Holmes and leaving her office, you receive a call from Kim Kardashian.

Kim has been comparing your schedules to try and see when you guys could hang out, and happened to notice the suntan lotion photo shoot in Mexico.

The thing is, she has a friend whose boyfriend she suspects may be cheating on her, and she needs your help.

She wants you to head over to the boyfriend's usual breakfast spot and flirt with him to see if he takes the bait and she'll call you after to hear the result.

Being a good friend, you agree to help her out. Although this goal is concurrent with the Sunspot Tanner goal, the outcome of goal doesn't affect that one and vice versa.

To begin the goal, travel to Punta Mita for Cash40 and swipe right until you see El Canario.

Tap the gold glasses icon SocialBuildingIcon to enter and tap the yellow speech bubble next to Derek Long to begin the goal.

When you start flirting with him, Derek is very receptive, and quickly invites you back to his hotel room. When you call him a cheater, he tries to backpedal and even attempts to bribe you to keep his secret.

You can choose whether or not to accept the bribe and whether to tell Kim when she calls you afterwards to ask if he accepted your advances.

Either way, at the end of the conversation, Kim hangs up, and the goal is complete.


Kim Kardashian Hey YourName, can you talk?
You Speech Of course.
Kim Kardashian I was comparing our schedules with Maria to try and find time for us to hang out when I noticed you have a photo shoot in Mexico coming up... I'm not available, but I was wondering if you could do me a very special favor while you're in Punta Mita.
You Speech What favor?
Kim Kardashian My friend's boyfriend Derek is away on business in Punta Mita. The thing is, I have a bad feeling about this guy. I think he might be a cheater...
You Speech Oh no...
Kim Kardashian I really hope I'm wrong, but I just can't shake this awful feeling. So, I was wondering if you'd be willing to go undercover...
You Speech Go undercover?
Kim Kardashian You're a good actor and you're gorgeous. If you show up at El Canario and pretend to flirt with him, you could put his loyalty to the test.
You Speech 1 I'll do it.
Speech 2 Not into guys...
Kim Kardashian 1 I truly hope I'm wrong, but I just can't stand the thought of a cheater hurting someone I care about. Know what I mean?
You Speech 1 I understand.
Speech 2
Kim Kardashian I know for a fact that Derek has lunch at El Canario every day, so you can find him there. I'll call you later to find out what happened.
You Speech Talk to you later.

Derek Long Hey, what's up?
You Speech (Pretend to flirt.)
Derek Long Haha, that's cute. You're pretty funny, you know that? And kind of a hottie, too...
You Speech (Flirt more.)
Derek Long I like the way that sounds. How about you and I get outta here? Come over to my suite and check out what's playing on the 50 inch flat screen mirror in my bedroom.
You Speech Ew. You're busted!
Derek Long Huh? What are you talking about?
You Speech You're a cheater!
Derek Long What is this, some sort of trap? How do you even know... This is SO not cool!
You Speech And cheating is?
Derek Long Well, no... but... please don't tell Jesse! What do you want me to do?
You Speech Come clean.
Derek Long No, I can't do that! How about I give you $500 and you forget about this, okay?
You Speech 1 No way!
Speech 2 (Take the bribe.)
Derek Long 1 Oh, come on! You're really going to tell on me? You're the one who came onto me! You know the rule: different area code means different h--
You Speech 1 (Throw drink.)
Speech 2
Derek Long 1 That was unnecessary.
You Speech 1 Yes it was. Bye.
Speech 2

Kim Kardashian Hi YourName. Did you run into Derek at El Canario?
You Speech I did...
Kim Kardashian Do you think he's a cheater?
You Speech 1 Definitely.
Speech 2 Nope!
Kim Kardashian 1 You know, I really wish I was wrong about him. Now I have to go figure out how to tell Jesse the bad news... Thanks for going undercover for me. We friends have to look out for each other.
You Speech 1 Take care, Kim.
Speech 2

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