⤿ REASON: Missing Dialogue - Not Hiring Carolina; Missing Dialogue - R.T.'s Call after not hiring Carolina.

After meeting perfumery manager Sofia Diniz, you're a little confused as to where you're going to find a professional scent designer.

As soon as you leave the Perfumery in Lisbon, you'll receive a call from Kim.

Kim's excited to hear you are creating your own perfume, and she just so happens to know a renowned professional scent designer who's been at the top of the industry for a long time.

She's called Carolina Veloso and she's almost ready to retire. However, she'd love to create one last perfume before she does.

Kim thinks the two of you could make a marvellous fragrance together, and offers to set up a meeting, which you gratefully accept.

Travel to Panino in Beverly Hills and talk to Carolina for Energy3 to begin the goal.

Carolina offers you her services for a cost of Star10, and you can either choose to pay that amount, or tell her she's too expensive.

Once the conversation is finished, the goal is completed. After leaving Panino, you'll receive a call from your brand designer, R.T., to ask how it went.

During the call, R.T. will invite you to his office to showcase the designer perfume bottles he had made. This will unlock the next goal in the series, Bottle It Up.


Kim Kardashian Hey bestie! R.T. texted me that you're thinking of developing your own fragrance. I think that's a great idea, and I might have some great news for you.
You Speech I'm all ears.
Kim Kardashian I happen to know an incredible scent designer on the verge of retirement. She's looking to create one final fragrance. The scent designer's name is Carolina Veloso, and she's been at the top of the industry for a long time. Her fragrances are incredible. Why don't I set up a meeting between the two of you? Who knows, you just might make the perfect partners to develop your new fragrance.
You Speech I'd love that.
Kim Kardashian It's my pleasure, bestie! I'll set up a meeting for you and Carolina at Panino. Good luck on developing your fragrance, YourName!
You Speech Thanks, Kim!

Carolina Veloso YourName, a pleasure to meet you.
You Speech 1 You too, Carolina! Energy3
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Carolina Veloso Kim tells me you'd like to create a signature fragrance. I can certainly help with that... I've been designing scents my entire career. The fragrances I've created have been critically acclaimed worldwide. Put simply: I'm the best in the business. Before I retire, I aim to create my masterpiece. Perhaps, that will be your signature fragrance... IF you can afford my services. I assure you, my talents are worth the price. However, you should know there's a lot more to a successful fragrance launch than the scent alone.
XP+3, Cash+3
You Speech Like what?
Carolina Veloso Never underestimate the power of presentation and marketing... Your fragrance could be the most incredible scent in the world, but if you sell it in an ugly jar, no one will want to own it. Invest in a nice bottle.
You Speech Hmm...
Carolina Veloso I may be the greatest scent designer in the world, but I am merely one piece of the puzzle. A very VALUABLE puzzle.
You Speech A (Hire Carolina.) Star10
Speech B I can't afford it...
Carolina Veloso A Wise decision, YourName. I look forward to working with you on your fragrance. It will be a scent beyond all others!
B I'm terribly sorry to hear that, but I understand. I was really hoping my finest creation would become your signature fragrance... If you'll excuse me, I have a meeting with another potential client. I wish you good luck with your fragrance, YourName.
You Speech A (Shake hands.)

Speech B1 (Hire Carolina.) Star10
Speech B2 Bye, Carolina.
Carolina Veloso A End of dialogue.

B1 Changed your mind? Wise decision, YourName. I look forward to working with you on your fragrance. It will be a scent beyond all others!
You Speech B1 (Shake hands.)
Speech B2

RT A YourName, Kim told me she was introducing you to THE Carolina Veloso... Were you able to convince her to help make your fragrance?
B YourName, bad news. A little birdie just told me Willow Pape has a meeting with Carolina Veloso...
You Speech AYes!

B Oh?
RT A That's FANTASTIC news! With a legendary scent designer like Carolina Veloso helping out, we're going to have a great edge over Willow's fragrance!
B I thought Kim was going to introduce you to Carolina so you could get her on board to help with YOUR fragrance. What happened?
You Speech A That's the idea.

B1 Too expensive...
RT B1 OH! Come by the office sometime soon. I have to show you the concept designer bottle for your fragrance. It looks fantastic!
You Speech B1 Cool. See you soon.
Speech B2

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