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After completing your appearance at Lavish in support of designer Mari Han, you'll receive a call from your manager, Simon.

He wanted to wish you good luck for the runway show at JBN, and thinks you and Mari stand a good chance of winning the fashion tour.

The next goal in the tour, Mari's JBN Showcase is unlocked.

Wait 8 hours until Simon calls you about the event, or spend Star16 to begin the event immediately.

Travel to Japan Broadcasting Network in Tokyo and speak to Mari Han to begin the showcase.

After the fashion show, Ray Powers will reveal that Mari and you have won this fashion tour, and praises her for her excellent design skills!

When you leave JBN, Mari will call you to thank you for helping her realise her fashion dreams. She tells you that her award-winning designs are being celebrated at K-World Shopping Mall, and she'd love for you to attend to show your support.

You agree to, and this will unlock the next goal, The Homecoming Event.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 8 Hours
Energy Needed: Energy80
5-Star Reward: Cash+600, XP+200, Star+1

Action Cost Reward Achievement
walk runway together Energy5 ?? -
shoulders back Energy3 ?? -
perfect posture Energy4 ?? -
elegant stride Energy8 ?? -
balance Energy5 ?? -
smile with eyes Energy2 ?? -
face camera Energy1 ?? Industry
hips forward Energy3 ?? -
graceful exit Energy4 ?? -
pose Energy2 ?? Industry
spotlight Energy2 ?? -
focus Energy6 ?? -
head tilt Energy1 ?? -
pivot Energy2 ?? Catwalk


Simon Orsik YourName, I love seeing you support new talent like you've been doing with Mari Han! I just wanted to call and wish you good luck on the runway at JBN. I think you and Mari have a good shot at winning this fashion tour!
You Speech 1 It's in the bag.
Speech 2 Thanks, Simon!
Simon Orsik 1
2 I'll call you again just before the showcase starts. See you when you get back from Seoul!
You Speech Later.

We'll reveal how the fashion world reacts to Mari's JBN Showcase on (Date) at (Time)!
RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
@MariHanDesign and @YourName have dominated and won this fashion tour! Congrats. Can't wait to see more from this talented designer!
#MariHan #StreetStyles
+379,963 fans

Mari Han YourName, we won the tour and I've received a prize allowing me to take my fashion design dreams to the next step! Thank you SO MUCH for your help during my debut fashion tour. I couldn't have done it without you, YourName.
You Speech 1 Happy to help.
Speech 2 Sure you could have.
Mari Han 1 If it's not too much to ask, I'd love if you could do me one last thing for me...
You Speech What's up?
Mari Han The manager of K-World Mall in Seoul has invited me to model my award-winning designs at a homecoming event. I've convinced my parents to attend, so I want to be at my best. I want to impress them, and show them how happy doing this makes me. It would mean so much to me if you could be there by my side.
You Speech Of course I'll come!
Mari Han Thank you so much! I'll see you in Seoul, YourName.
You Speech See you in Seoul.

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