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The London Flat is located in London, United Kingdom, and is the last interactive building in the area. It can be purchased for Cash8,000 or Star40.

As with all homes, purchasing the flat counts towards the Cribs achievement. Additionally, filming reality shows in the flat counts towards the Great In Britain achievement.


  • None.

London Flat InteriorEdit

Unfurnished - Furnished


Living Room
Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
LondonFlatCouch Couch Cash2,000 GoldHeart8
ImageMissing Coffee Table Cash750 GoldStar3
ImageMissing Chair Cash500 GoldHeart2
ImageMissing Grand Piano Cash12,500 GoldStar40
Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Bedside Table Cash500 GoldStar2
ImageMissing Bed Cash4,000 GoldHeart18
ImageMissing Painting Star30 GoldHeart10
ImageMissing English Bulldog Star50 GoldHeart20
ImageMissing Rug Cash10,000 GoldHeart25
ImageMissing Painting Star35 GoldStar12
LondonFlatExerciseMachine Exercise Machine Cash6,500 GoldStar18
ImageMissing Painting Star25 GoldStar8
Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Roadster Star150 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Luxury SUV Cash35,000 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Speedster Star75 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Blazer Star150 GoldStar
LondonFlat Heli-1
Helicopter Star320 GoldStar

London Flat ExteriorEdit



Sandra Kirkland YourName! Welcome to England. This is one of THE most exclusive addresses in the city. Take a look around if you're interested.
You Speech Okay.
Sandra Kirkland What do you think? This lovely home even comes with a garage equipped for a special vehicle...
You Speech 1 I'm interested.
Speech 2 It's not for me.
Sandra Kirkland 1 The market price is $8,000.
2 Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech 1A (Purchase) Cash8,000
Speech 1B (Purchase.) Star40
Speech 1C (Cancel.)

Speech 2 Okay.
Sandra Kirkland 1A & 1B Welcome home! I'll leave and let you get settled in.
1C Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech 1A & 1B & 1C Okay.

RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
Starnews' sources tell us that YourName has closed a deal on a new home in London!
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