After completing the promotional ad campaign for Chateau Nuit, you're ready to celebrate your birthday in style in Las Vegas!

But first - and perhaps more importantly - it's time to receive a birthday gift from your bestie, Kim Kardashian.

Travel to Gate 4 in LAX from Las Vegas airport for Cash20. Exit the gate and take the bus to Beverly Hills for Cash4.

Swipe right until you reach Kim's Mansion and tap the purple icon BuildingsIcon to enter Kim's home.

Kim will congratulate you and hand you her gift, with the hope that it'll fit! She then tells you that your birthday party will begin in 3 hours.

After talking to Kim, you'll unlock Glammed Up and Turn Up Your Jam if you're a female player and Birthday Suit and Turn Up Your Jam if you're a male player.

The Live in the Present goal will be automatically completed.


KimKardashianFeed Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian
SO excited to attend YourName's bday party in Vegas!
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Kim Kardashian Happy birthday! I hope you like it... and it fits!
You Speech I'm sure it will!
Kim Kardashian Maybe you can wear it to your party? You'll look so glam! I'm seriously so excited; I can't wait! Simon will call you in 3 hours when it's time to party!
You Speech Okay!

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