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You must travel to Paris to be interviewed by Sabine Lavalle for Femme magazine.

Dialogue: Edit

Sabine Lavalle: "Your Name! Bienvenue, and welcome to Paris! My name is Sabine Lavalle. I've been looking forward to this interview with you! Comment alley-vous?"

Speech Bien! I'm well! Energy5

Sabine: "I'd like to being the interview with asking about how you began your modeling career... Is it true Kim Kardashian actually discovered you after you helped her with a "fashion emergency"?"

Speech Yes, that's true.

Sabine: "Interesting. Is there anyone else you create for your great success and sick rise in the world of fashion? Aside from yourself, of course!"

Speech Simon and Maria.

Sabine: "Ah, of course! Your manager Simon Orsik and your publicist Maria Holmes! Speaking of your publicist, she seems to be kept quite but by another model, Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds.... You two appear to be rivals! How do you really feel about Willow/Dirk?"

Speech  No harsh feelings!

Speech Next question...

Speech I hate Willow/Dirk.

If you choose No harsh feelings!

Sabine: "Oh, really? I'm not sure Willow/Dirk knows that! Moving on...What is next for you now that you're an international?"

Speech Not sure yet...

Speech World domination!

Speech  Ask my manager!

If you choose Not sure yet...

If you choose World domination!

Sabine: "Haha! you have a delightful sense of humor! You became a top model so quickly, who nows what else you can accomplish if you put your mind to it! That's for you interview. Merci, Your Name!"

Speech You're welcome!

If you choose Ask my manager!


If you choose Next question...

If you choose I hate Willow/Dirk.

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