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Konnections is a feature of Kim Kardashian Hollywood that lets you directly connect with professional or romantic contacts.

It is accessed by tapping the star and heart icon KonnectionsIcon.png at the bottom of the screen.

The Konnections feature is unlocked once you reach level 8 within the game, after which you will receive a call from your publicist, Maria Holmes.

The Konnections feature was first introduced in version 8.3 of the game.


  • After unlocking the Konnections feature, you'll be asked to choose your preferences. You can specify if you're looking for professional or romantic contacts. You can also choose what gender you want to search for (male, female, or both).
  • You can change your preferences at any time by tapping on the preferred option in the sidebar menu.
  • Professional contacts (marked with a BlueStar.png) will be available to work with you during goals, while romantic contacts (marked with a Heart.png) will be available to form a romantic relationship with.
  • If you are interested in making a konnection with the pictured contact, swipe the image to the right.
  • If the contact is either equal to you in rank or below you in rank, you'll be automatically konnected and they will be added to your contacts list, which can be accessed by pressing the phone icon ContactsIcon.png in the menu.
  • If the contact is ranked higher than you, you will need to charm them in order to form a konnection. The price for making the konnection ranges anywhere from Star.png1 to Star.png204 K-stars.
  • If you don't want to make a konnection with the pictured contact, swipe the image to the left.
  • As with contacts you meet in buildings, you can delete a person you konnected with from your list if you no longer wish to be in contact with them.
  • You will receive 10 free swipes per day. You can then either refill your swipes for Star.png10, or wait 16 hours for them to refill.
  • The first time you make a romantic konnection on the Konnections app, you'll unlock the special goal arc Dated.


Maria Holmes.png YourName, finding THE ONE just got easier.
You Speech.png How?
Maria Holmes.png A new app just launched called Konnections. You can use it to find your one true love...or a fun fling, if that's more your thing. It also lets you make professional contacts to do gigs with.
You Speech.png Cool.
Maria Holmes.png Whenever you want to, ahem, Konnect, just tap the button to the left of your news feed. I might even give it a try.
You Speech.png You totally should!
Maria Holmes.png Maybe after a few glasses of wine. I leave you by opening the app for ya. Have fun!
You Speech.png Thanks, Maria.