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The K-World Shopping Mall is a business located in Seoul, South Korea, which unlocks when you reach level 19.

The K-World Park, the arcade attached to the shopping mall, is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run by park manager Kyu Sung.

If you purchase the park for Star65, and further upgrade it for Star55 and Cash85,000, you'll be able to start making a profit.

You'll earn Cash500 from the park each week, but, if you make three customers happy, this reward is increased to Star4 and Cash3,000.

If you succeed in making customers happy for two weeks in a row, your park will start attracting returning customers, increasing the payout further to Star4 and Cash4,000.

As with homes, purchasing the park counts towards the Cribs achievement.

Goals Edit


Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Ferris Wheel Star30 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Roller Coaster Cash35,000 GoldHeart2
ImageMissing Spinning Teacups Cash25,000 GoldHeart2
ImageMissing Carousel Star25 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Bumper Cars Cash25,000 GoldHeart


Question Answer
"More strollers. When we went to get one, they were all taken." Buy more strollers. (Cash250)
"I've been looking everywhere for a balloon to get for my daughter - she loves them - but I can't find any." Hire balloon artist. (Cash250)
"We're ready for an amazing tour." Complete the K-World Park Tour! goal.
"No offence, but your park needs more rides." Buy all the furniture for your amusement park.

K-World Shopping Mall ExteriorEdit



Kyu Sung Hi YourName. I'm Kyu, your amusement park manager.
You Speech Nice to meet you.
Kyu Sung Nice meeting you. I'll be calling you each week with your profit from the park. Feel free to hit me up for advice.
You Speech Will do, thanks.
Kyu Sung YourName, nice to see you again.
You Speech 1 (Ask for advice.)
Speech 2 Just saying hi.
Kyu Sung 1 If you want the maximum payout for your amusement park, you need to make all of the guests happy. To find out how, talk to them. They'll tell you what will make their park experience better.
2 That's cool. Have a great day.
You Speech 1 Okay, thanks.
Speech 2 You too, Kyu.

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