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After you arrive at the beach, Kim informs you something work related came up and she has to leave the party. Julio promptly begins to flirt with you. You have the option to reciprocate or give him the cold shoulder. Eventually you are given the choice to go on a walk on the beach with Julio. Regardless of your choice, you end up back at the beach party to finish your appearance.

Available Actions[]

Time Limit: Time.png 8 hours
Energy Needed: Energy.png
Stars Needed: BlueStar.png
5-Star Reward: Cash.png+660, XP.png+200

Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
order a round Cash.png10 Energy.png2 BlueStar.png3
center of attention Energy.png2 Cash.pngXP.pngBlueStar.png2
industry talk Energy.png3 Cash.png1 XP.png1 BlueStar.png3
beach music Energy.png4 Cash.pngXP.png1 BlueStar.png5
social butterfly Energy.png4 Cash.png1 XP.png1 BlueStar.png4 Socialite
just dance Energy.png5 Cash.pngXP.png3 BlueStar.png5
new friends Energy.png6 Cash.png2 XP.png2 BlueStar.png6 Humanitarian
work on tan Energy.png8 Cash.png3 XP.png5 BlueStar.png11 Spotlight


Maria Holmes.png (PlayerName), Kim texted me about the hotel. I'm sorry it's not up to standards...
You Speech.png 1 It's not so bad...
Speech.png 2 I've stayed in worse.
Maria Holmes.png 1 ---
2 Listen, I just heard from Julio's agent and she told me about a beach party that Julio is throwing...
You Speech.png I heard from Kim.
Maria Holmes.png Oh, so Kim is going as well? Well that's good. You'll have a friend to keep you company if you find Julio to be too much...
You Speech.png That's the plan!
Maria Holmes.png Good luck, and remember... if you can't be good, at least be safe. Later!
You Speech.png (Hang up.)

Kim Kardashian.png (PlayerName), I just found out I have to cut my vacation short. I'm heading to the jet right after this party...
You Speech.png Everything okay?
Kim Kardashian.png Some work came up. Even when I'm on vacation, I can't get away from work. You know how it is!

I'm glad I got to see you and we still have this party, so let's make the most of it!

You Speech.png Totally! XP.png+??, Cash.png+??

Julio Romero.png The unmistakable (PlayerName). Looking at you, I cannot help but admire the angel that stands before me...

I am Julio Romero, and you are the most magnificent being I have ever seen...

You Speech.png 1 Nice to meet you.
Speech.png 2 (Blush.)
Julio Romero.png 1 My character's reputation for being a renowned charmer and lover often precedes me, but I assure you, the real me is better in every single way.
2 ----
You Speech.png 1A Not interested...
Speech.png 1B Is that so?
Speech.png 1C Heart.png Flirt
Julio Romero.png 1A ---
1B ---
1C I would love the opportunity to show you just how much better I truly am compared to my character's reputation... Care to join me for a walk along the beach? We can... get to know each other better, yes?
You Speech.png 1Ca (Stay.)
Speech.png 1Cb (go with Julio.)
Narrator.png 1Ca ---
Speech.png 1Cb After a nice walk along the beach together...

Kim Kardashian.png Did you and Julio just go for a walk along the beach together? OMG, were you two flirting?
You Speech.png 1 Maybe...
Speech.png 2 No!
Kim Kardashian.png 1 Hey, I'm not judging or anything...
2 (See next Line)
You Speech.png 1 (smile)
Kim Kardashian.png 1&2 This place has certainly seen better days, but I really hope it doesn't close down. This was one of my favorite beaches in the world. I'd love to see it cleaned up again.
You Speech.png Me too.
Kim Kardashian.png 1Ca ---
Speech.png 1Cb After a nice walk along the beach together...

Julio Romero.png (PlayerName), that was a lovely walk. It felt like a dream... and I don't want to ever wake up.
You Speech.png 1 (Wink.)
Speech.png 2 Wake up.

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