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After you arrive at the beach, Kim informs you something work related came up and she has to leave the party. Julio promptly begins to flirt with you. You have the option to reciprocate or give him the cold shoulder. Eventually you are given the choice to go on a walk on the beach with Julio. Regardless of your choice, you end up back at the beach party to finish your appearance.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
order a round Cash10 Energy2 BlueStar3
center of attention Energy2 CashXPBlueStar2
industry talk Energy3 Cash1 XP1 BlueStar3
beach music Energy4 CashXP1 BlueStar5
social butterfly Energy4 Cash1 XP1 BlueStar4 Socialite
just dance Energy5 CashXP3 BlueStar5
new friends Energy6 Cash2 XP2 BlueStar6 Humanitarian
work on tan Energy8 Cash3 XP5 BlueStar11 Spotlight
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