Jessica Marks is an up-and-coming model, who you first meet during the Team Jessica goal, when you're doing a photo shoot with her for PopGlam Malibu.

New to the industry, she's a big fan of your work, but her manager is very domineering. At the end of the photo shoot, Jessica has told the press that the two of you are feuding.

During the follow-up goal, What Gives?, you confront Jessica at her birthday party. There, she reveals that your fake feud was an idea set up by her manager, and that she doesn't know what to do.

After confronting Jessica, Maria calls to tell you she's set up a press conference, and that you can choose to either trash her or forgive her for her actions.

If you choose to forgive her, Jessica will call to tell you that she's fired her manager, and thanks you for helping her. If you choose to trash her, Maria will call to tell you that Jessica's career is over.


  • Jessica's appearance is different in every game.


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