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Kim will invite you to the grand opening of Kardash Calabasas. On the way there, Lon Garrera will stop you for pictures.

Dialogue: Edit

Lon: You keep popping up everywhere!

Speech (Pose.)

Speech (Ignore.)

Once inside, Kim will greet you.

Kim: "Hey! Thanks for coming!"

Speech No problem!

Kim: "I hope you're having a good time. Did you see Marcel Tesiano over there? Can you BELIEVE he came? It's such an honor. Did you meet him yet?"

Kim: "Oh, well, don't be shy! He's a really nice guy."

Speech Okay.

One Direction 2020 with Zayn


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We have an early look at which fashion icons will be at Kardash's re-opening event. Sorry, @StarNews_Ray... you're too late on this one!
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