After talking to Kim Kardashian at a party in Hollywood, it's time to leave the bar and go meet your potential manager, Simon Orsik.

To complete the goal, you need to leave The Brew Palms, where the party was held.

To leave, tap the red exit icon Exit on the door.

If you're a starlet, you'll run across an angry girl called Willow Pape outside. If you're a star, you'll run across an angry guy called Dirk Diamonds instead.

They'll accuse you of hitting on their ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend, and then they'll stomp off, regardless of the answers you choose. And, for the rest of the game, Willow or Dirk will act as your Rival.

After the drama, the next goal, called Mr. Manager!!, will be unlocked.


Rival OMG! Who the eff do you think you are?!
You Speech 1 "Eff"? pardon?
Speech 2 Who are you?
Rival Speech 1 Do you know who I am? I'm Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds, and I SAW you. You were CLEARLY hitting on my boyfriend/girlfriend in there! Well... ex...
Speech 2 There's NO WAY you just asked me that. I'm Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds. Duh. And WHAT did you think you were doing? You were CLEARLY hitting on my boyfriend/girlfriend in there!
You Speech A No, I wasn't...
Speech B So what if I did?
Rival A & B Whatever! I'm MUCH too famous to deal with you, gutter trash. Hashtag: ratchet.
You Speech (Leave quietly.) XP+4, Cash+8
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