⤿ REASON: Missing level

Kourtney Kardashian hears about your new business and wants to help you with hiring a manager.

Dialogue: Edit

Kourtney Kardashian: "Hey, Your Name. I heard that you got the space for your store. I have to tell Klo- she's been asking about it."

Speech I did.

Kourtney: "Well... the next thing we need to do is get you some good employees. I actually have a few people in mind, if you'd like..."

Speech Sure!

Kourtney: "Okay, so there's Miranda, she's good with money; or there's Tabatha, who's really good with social media. Or there's Harland, who's really dedicated, and will save you a ton of work."

Speech Interesting.

Kourtney: "I think any one would be a good fit, but why don't I get them to come meet you at the new So Chic space?"

Speech I'd like that.

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