Kim will call you about celebrating your birthday and asks you to speak to Maria about finding a venue.

Dialogue: Edit

Kim: "Hey! You didn't tell me!"

Speech Tell you what?

Kim: "That it's almost your birthday!"

Speech Oh...

Kim: "I had to hear it from Simon - I don't know how he knew. Anyway, we HAVE to celebrate."

Speech I don't know...

Kim: "Come on. It'll be fun. I promise! You just need to find a good venue. Maria can help you find an amazing place! She's great at that sort of thing."

Speech I'll talk to her.

Upon visiting Maria's office, she will have the perfect idea for a venue.

Maria: "Your Name! How come I had to find out from Simon that it's almost your birthday? How did he KNOW BEFORE ME! Sorry...I lost it there. What can I do for you, hun?"

Speech Birthday party...

Maria: "Oh, a birthday bash? Let's see... with SUCH short notice it'll be tough... but... I know! Chateau Nuit - out in Vegas. It'll be the perfect venue - if it's available. Why don't you go check it out and see if you like it?"

Speech Sure.

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