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Maria Holmes YourName, I just heard some talk about you.
You Speech Really? What?
Maria Holmes Apparently, you're in the running to be the spokesperson for a new mobile company called Skyspot.
You Speech Oh, cool.
Maria Holmes These kind of jobs are great because they not only raise your profile, they also keep your face out there for a while. But you don't have the job yet and I'm sure lots of people will be after this one.
You Speech What should I do?
Maria Holmes Well, I happen to know Bob Bucks, the owner of the company, will be at an event in Dubai. I could get you in there and you could try to talk him up.
You Speech Or...
Maria Holmes Or, it just so happens that Kris Jenner is friends with Mr. Bucks so maybe she could talk to him on your behalf.
You Speech Right.
Maria Holmes So, which way do you want to go? Who do you want to talk to?
You Speech 1 The boss.
Speech 2 Kris.
Maria Holmes 1 & 2 Okay, I'll set it up for you. Then it's up to you to lock down this job.
You Speech Thanks!
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