You will receive a call from your publicist, Maria Holmes, to inform you about the pop-up store from designer Kenji Hashimoto that has been set up in LAX.

She tells you that the prices are great and urges you to go visit Championship Business Centers Inc. to check it out.

The pop-up store is only available for the next 24 hours after you receive the call.

You can travel there on your own or choose the 'Check it out now' option, which will immediately take you there. In the store, you will meet Emily Murphy, who runs the pop-ups.

Stars and starlets will both be shown different outfits they can be purchased for Starstars. The outfits are shown below:

Hashimoto OutfitsEdit


Maria Holmes YourName, I'm jealous.
You Speech Why?
Maria Holmes You've been invited to the Kenji Hashimoto pop-up shop. He's unveiling new designer dresses there. You'll get to buy the clothes at a 50 percent discount from their regular price. Once the pop-up store closes, the dresses will be available in the wardrobe at full price.
You Speech Cool.
Maria Holmes The shop is in the Championshop Business Centers beside LAX. It won't be there for long, so be sure to check it out soon. Happy shopping!
You Speech 1 Thanks, Maria!
Speech 2 (Check it out now.)

Emily Murphy Hi, YourName. Welcome to the Hashimoto Pop-Up Store. Can I tell you our selection?
You Speech Sure.
Emily Murphy I'm wearing a Neo-Victorian dress - highly flattering, highly fashionable.
You Speech Cool.
Emily Murphy Iliana is modeling a Harajuku inspired dress - definitely one of a kind.
You Speech Okay.
Emily Murphy Last but certainly not least, we have an ultra modern design worn beautifully by Rosalina - super comfortable and super sylish.
You Speech Cool.
Emily Murphy Would you like to try something on?
You Speech 1 Sure.
Speech 2 Maybe later.
Emily Murphy 1 Which dress?
2 Don't wait too long. This pop-up shop will be gone soon.
You Speech A Neo-Victorian.
Speech B Harajuku inspired.
Speech C Ultra modern.

Speech 2 Okay, thanks.
Emily Murphy A You look gorgeous.
B Not a lot of people can pull off that dress, but you totally do.
C You look amazing.
You Speech A1 (Get dress.) Star70
Speech A2 I'll think about it.

Speech B1 (Get dress.) Star80
Speech B2 I'll think about it.

Speech C1 (Get dress.) Star100
Speech C2 I'll think about it.
Emily Murphy A1 Excellent choice!
A2 Of course. Come talk to me if you want to try something on.

B1 Get ready to turn a lot of heads.
B2 Of course. Come talk to me if you want to try something on.

C1 This is my personal favorite of all the dresses. Enjoy!
C2 Of course. Come talk to me if you want to try something on.
You Speech A1 Thanks.
Speech A2 Will do, thanks.

Speech B1 (Smile.)
Speech B2 Will do, thanks.

Speech C1 Thanks.
Speech C2 Will do, thanks.

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