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Happy Holidays! was a special gift box offer in the game, which was available from December 8th, 2019 to January 1st, 2020 at 10PM EST.

Gift boxes contained both newly designed holiday clothing items as well as items from previous events the game. In total, 57 items were made available.


All players received one free gift box from publicist Kalinda King, while subsequent boxes cost Star.png55 to open.


How it works[]

  • The gift box offer could be accessed by tapping the bullhorn on the left of the screen and dismissing notifications until the "Happy Holidays!" screen above appeared.
  • By tapping the "no thanks" button, players could dismiss the offer.
  • By tapping the "view all items" button, players could access a screen with an overview of all the available items from the holiday gift boxes. On the screen, players could preview each item by selecting the corresponding box.
  • The counter at the top of the "View all items" screen counted the amount of items players owned out of the 57 items. The counter at the bottom of the screen counted down the time until the end of the offer.
  • By scrolling to the bottom of the "View all items" screen, players could see which of the items they already owned from the holiday gift boxes.
  • By tapping the "open box" button, and paying the Star.png55 k-stars fee, players could try their hand at winning a new item from the collection.

Happy Holidays! Items[]