Completing goals and leveling up through the game unlocks new Kustomization options for your character. Below, you will find a list of all the hairstyles for a female character (Starlet).


Long Hairstyles
File:Long 01.png File:Long 02.png File:Long 03.png File:Long 04.png File:Long 05.png
Short Hairstyles
File:Short 01.png File:Short 02.png File:Short 03.png File:Short 04.png File:Short 05.png
Hatted Hairstyles
File:Hat 01.png
Colour-01 Colour-02 Colour-03 Colour-04 Colour-05
Colour-06 Colour-07

Level 3

These colours cost Star10 each to unlock, and earn you GoldStar2.

Colour-10 Colour-11 Colour-12 Colour-13 Colour-14
Colour-15 Colour-16 Colour-17 Colour-18 Colour-19
Colour-20 Colour-21 Colour-22
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