After you reach Level 11 in the game, a new location, Cape Town, will be unlocked, and your manager, Simon, will call you and ask about your knowledge of wine.

Simon would like you to put your wine knowledge - or lack thereof - to the test, and thinks it would be a good idea for you to launch your own celebrity wine. Travel to the Cape Town Vineyard in Cape Town to begin the goal.

Once there, you will meet Philip Nel, the vineyard manager, who suggests you change into an outfit more suitable for wine-making. You don't actually have to change into anything, but it is recommended you come back when your energy is fully charged.

In order to complete the goal, you must complete all of its sub-goals, which are:

After your energy has fully charged, talk to Philip again. This will unlock the first goal, Perfectly Pruned.


Simon Orsik YourName, what do you know about wine?
You Speech 1 You drink it?
Speech 2 I know my fermented grapes.
Simon Orsik 1 You certainly do. How do you feel about launching your own wine?
2 Terrific! Would you like to put that knowledge to use by launching your own wine?
You Speech 1 Sure, why not.
Speech 2 Sure.
Simon Orsik 1 & 2 That's the spirit! I've found a vineyard in Cape Town that works with celebs to create their own wine. They'll walk you through everything. I can't image you'll have to do more than put your name on the wine. Have fun!
You Speech 1 & 2 Thanks, Simon.

Philip Nel YourName, welcome to the Wemmick Estate Winery.
You Speech Nice to meet you, Philip.
Philip Nel Your manager tells me you'd like to create your own wine.
You Speech That's right.
Philip Nel Great! Would you like to change clothes before we start?
You Speech Change clothes?
Philip Nel Yes, we prefer that our clients take a HANDS-ON approach to making their own wine. Please talk to me when you're ready.
You Speech Okay.

Philip Nel Ready to get to work?
You Speech 1 Yup.
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Philip Nel Excellent! Let's begin by pruning the vines. If you do this correctly, those bare grape vines will grow leaves.
You Speech Okay.

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