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Sometime after reaching level 20 in the game, you'll receive a call from Simon Orsik, who tells you he signed you up to star in a telenovela series called "Conquistar".


Simon Orsik.png (PlayerName), just got off the horn with Alvin. He has two offers for you...
Simon Orsik.png Alvin's first acting gig offer was for some silly sounding sci-fi film... Something about a millennial falcon? Anyway, I passed on that one...
Simon Orsik.png Alvin's second acting gig offer was for a telenovela series that Maria had mentioned being a fan of called 'Conquistar'! Heard of it?
You Speech.png No, I haven't.
Simon Orsik.png Conquistar is a cautionary tale about the lust for power. You know what they say - absolute power corrupts!
You Speech.png Absolutely.
Simon Orsik.png You'll be guest starring on an episode of Conquistar, which is bound to give you a nice boost of fans south of the border!
Simon Orsik.png Even better than that, I made this deal because it scores you a trip to Papagayo, Costa Rica!
You Speech.png Nice!
Simon Orsik.png You'll stay at the Villa Jardin. I picked the hotel specifically because Kim will be staying there for a brief vacation. With any luck, you'll bump into her!
Simon Orsik.png Maria wanted to speak with you before you go, so expect a call from her soon.
You Speech.png Okay.

Maria Holmes.png (PlayerName), has Simon filled you in about the Conquistar job?
You Speech.png He has.
Maria Holmes.png Something I'm sure he hasn't mentioned, is that you should be careful around the show's star, Julio Romero...
You Speech.png How come?
Maria Holmes.png Much like Julio's character on the show, the sizzling star has an insatiable appetite for new conquests...
Maria Holmes.png His flirtations have led many to white hot romances that quickly turn to ashes once he's had his fun.
Maria Holmes.png Just a word of warning, if you find him too tempting and decide to indulge him, remember that you can't put your heart on the line with Julio - he'll only break it.
Maria Holmes.png That being said, I hope you enjoy yourself in Costa Rica.
Maria Holmes.png Oh, by the way, Kim said she'll meet you in the lobby of your hotel, Villa Jardin. Have fun!
You Speech.png Thanks, Maria.

Kim Kardashian.png (PlayerName)!
You Speech.png Kim! Cash.png+??, XP.png+??
Kim Kardashian.png I'm so glad you're here, though I wish you could have seen this place in its prime.
You Speech.png Oh?Cash.png+??, XP.png+??
Kim Kardashian.png Last time I was here, this place was beautifully maintained. It seems to have fallen apart... I'm really sad to see it like this.
Kim Kardashian.png I should find the owners and find out what's going on with the place...
Kim Kardashian.png Oh, have you met Julio? He was just around here looking for his shirt. Apparently he's some sort of soap opera star.
You Speech.png I haven't...Cash.png+??, XP.png+??
Kim Kardashian.png He said he'll be at the beach party later, I better go find the owners, but I'll see you there?
You Speech.png See you at the party!Cash.png+??, XP.png+??