If you are dating someone, you'll receive a mysterious call from them sometime after reaching Level 7 and unlocking Santa Monica as a location.

During the call, they'll ask you if you're afraid of heights. Regardless of your answer, your romantic interest will ask you to meet them on the streets of Santa Monica.

If you're not already in California, find the nearest airport and travel to LAX. From there, you can travel to Santa Monica with the bus for Cash40. If you own a car, travel within California will be free.

Once you're in Santa Monica, scroll to the left of the screen. Your romantic interest will be waiting for you next to the PopGlam Santa Monica building. Tap the yellow speech bubble to begin the goal.

Your date will reveal what the heights question was all about: there's a Ferris Wheel in Santa Monica and they'd love to take you on a 1-hour date.

If you choose to accept, the date will start immediately. If you choose to decline, your romantic interest will express regret, but accept it. No matter which you choose, the goal will be completed.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Reward Achievement
flirt Energy8 Cash+10, XP+10, Heart+11 Love
ferris wheel fun Energy8 Cash+12, XP+10, Heart+10 -
get cotton candy Cash75, Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, Heart+3 -
picture time! Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, Heart+3 -
deep conversation Energy4 Cash+4, XP+4, Heart+4 -
kiss Energy5 XP+6, Energy+1, Heart+9 Dating
hold hands Energy5 Cash+4, XP+4, Heart+7 -


Romantic Interest Hey, YourName. Afraid of heights?
You Speech 1 Nope.
Speech 2 Maybe?
Romantic Interest 1 Great, come meet me in Santa Monica.
2 Let's see if we can get you over it. Come meet me in Santa Monica.
You Speech 1 Okay...
Speech 2 Alright.

Romantic Interest YourName, thanks for coming!
You Speech No problem.
Romantic Interest I saw the ferris wheel, and thought we should totally ride it. You, ahem, up for it?
You Speech 1 (Start 1-hour date.)
Speech 2 Another time.
Romantic Interest 1 End of dialogue.
2 Okay, cool. I'll catch you later.
You Speech 2 Bye.

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