⤿ REASON: Missing Goal Progression; Description Needs Expanding.

Sometime after reaching level 9 in the game, you receive a call from your agent, Simon Orsik, telling you that someone really wants to impress you.

He tells you that Graydon Lewis, the billionaire publisher of GLAMM Magazine really wants to fly you out to New York for a meeting.

Travel to Oak in SoHo to begin the goal.


Simon Orsik YourName, someone is looking to impress you.
You Speech Who?
Simon Orsik Graydon Lewis, the billionaire publisher of Glamm Magazine. He wants to fly you to New York for a dinner meeting.
You Speech I'm down.
Simon Orsik Terrific! Now prepared to be amazed and astonished.
You Speech Okay...
Simon Orsik I'm about to send you the cost of the flight...through the Inter-web!
You Speech Don't hurt yourself.
Simon Orsik Did it work?
You Speech Yup. Cash+70
Simon Orsik Ha! And it only took me 3 hours to set that up!
You Speech (Hold tongue.)
Simon Orsik Have safe flight.
You Speech Thanks, Simon.

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