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Kim Kardashian: "Wow! I really love this place, Your Name! It's beautiful."

Speech Thanks, Kim!

Kim: "Hmm... There must be a way we could make this room a little more festive. Any ideas?"

Speech Decorations?

Kim: "That'd be perfect! Maybe a banner and some pumpkins or something?"

Speech I'll take a look.

Kim: "Great. In the mean time I was thinking... what's the most important part of any dinner party?"

Speech The guests?

Kim: "Okay, yes, but second most important? The food, of course! So, what do you think? Do you want to make the food yourself or should we hire a professional chef? I think both are great options: one would be homier, but the other is pretty glamorous! It just depends on what kind of party you want to have."

Speech I'll cook!

Speech Hire a chef!

If you choose I'll cook!

Kim: "That'll be so cute. Okay, there's a celebrity cooking class happening at Panino pretty soon. Why don't we go to that together? Besides learning some fun new recipes, it'll be some really nice footage to have in Ray's Thanksgiving special!"

Speech That sounds great!

Kim: "I think so too! I'll call ahead and let them know we're going to be stopping by. This is going to be so nice, Your Name!"

Speech I can't wait!

If you choose Hire a chef!

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