When you add Contacts, whether in-game or a Game Center/Facebook friend, you have the option to gift them clothing and accessories for their wardrobe. Gifting costs Cashcash and Starstars. Some gift prices vary from your own Kustomize wardrobe.

To gift someone, open up your contacts list and find someone you want to gift something to.

There will be a GiftButton to tap next to your date/friend's character. It will take you to their wardrobe where you can buy something for them to give to.

If you are dating an in-game character, you will be able to unlock gifts for them based on your relationship status. Buying clothes for your date can also improve your relationship points.

The items your contact wears when you first add them to your list are their basic items, and they will always be free.



Star-face-face01 Star-face-face02 Star-face-face03 Star-face-face04 Star-face-face05
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-face-face06 Star-face-face07 Star-face-face08 Star-face-face09 Star-face-face10
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-face-face11 Star-face-face12 Star-face-face13 Star-face-face14
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50


Star-eyes-eyes01 Star-eyes-eyes02 Star-eyes-eyes03 Star-eyes-eyes04 Star-eyes-eyes05
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-eyes-eyes06 Star-eyes-eyes07 Star-eyes-eyes08 Star-eyes-eyes09 Star-eyes-eyes10
Star50 Star70 Star70 Star90 Star130
Star-eyes-eyes11 Star-eyes-eyes12
Star180 Star150
Eye Colors
Eyecolour-01 Eyecolour-02 Eyecolour-03 Eyecolour-04 Eyecolour-05
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Eyecolour-06 Eyecolour-07 Eyecolour-08 Eyecolour-09 Eyecolour-10
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Eyecolour-11 Eyecolour-12 Eyecolour-13 Eyecolour-14 Eyecolour-15
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Eyecolour-16 Eyecolour-17 Eyecolour-18 Eyecolour-19
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Star-eyebrows-eyebrow01 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow02 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow03 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow04 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow05
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-eyebrows-eyebrow06 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow07 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow08 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow09 Star-eyebrows-eyebrow10
Star30 Star30 Star60 Star60 Star60
Eyebrow Colors
Colour-01 Colour-02 Colour-03 Colour-04 Colour-05
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Colour-06 Colour-07 Colour-08 Colour-09 Colour-10
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Colour-11 Colour-12 Colour-13 Colour-14 Colour-15
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Colour-16 Colour-17 Colour-18 Colour-19 Colour-20
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10
Colour-21 Colour-22
Star10 Star10


Star-lips-lips01 Star-lips-lips02 Star-lips-lips03 Star-lips-lips04 Star-lips-lips05
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-lips-lips06 Star-lips-lips07 Star-lips-lips08 Star-lips-lips09 Star-lips-lips10
Star50 Star100 Star100 Star100 Star100


Star-nose-nose01 Star-nose-nose02 Star-nose-nose03 Star-nose-nose04 Star-nose-nose05
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-nose-nose06 Star-nose-nose07 Star-nose-nose08 Star-nose-nose09 Star-nose-nose10
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50
Star-nose-nose11 Star-nose-nose12 Star-nose-nose13
Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50 Star50


Star-hair-hair01 Star-hair-hair02 Star-hair-hair03 Star-hair-hair04 Star-hair-hair05
Star30 Star30 Star30 Star30 Star30
Star-hair-hair06 Star-hair-hair07 Star-hair-hair08 Star-hair-hair09 Star-hair-hair10
Star30 Star30 Star30 Star30 Star30
Star-hair-hair11 Star-hair-hair12 Star-hair-hair13 Star-hair-hair14 Star-hair-hair15
Star30 Cash120 Cash120 Star30 Star75
Star-hair-hair16 Star-hair-hair17 Star-hair-hair18 Star-hair-hair90 Star-hair-hair21
Star30 Star45 Star50 Star30 Star25
Star-hair-hair22 Star-hair-hair25 Star-hair-hair26 Star-hair-hair27 Star-hair-hair28
Star30 Star30 Star30 Star45 Star75
Star-hair-hair29 Star-hair-hair30 Star-hair-hair33 Star-hair-hair34 Star-hair-hair35
Star70 Star50 Star30 Star40 Star45
Star-hair-hair36 Star-hair-hair37 Star-hair-hair40 Star-hair-hair41 Star-hair-hair42
Star30 Star30 Star40 Star40 Star35
Star-hair-hair44 Star-hair-hair45 Star-hair-hair46 Star-hair-hair47 Star-hair-hair50
Star30 Star30 Star30 Star40 Star40
Star-hair-hair52 Star-hair-hair53 Star-hair-hair54 Star-hair-hair55 Star-hair-hair57
Star30 Star30 Star30 Star45 Star50
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