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Dialogue: Edit

After you leave The Brew Palms, your rival will call you.

Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds: "Hey! Your Name! What's the deal? Why am I hearing that you're replacing me in the GlamTV intro shoot?"

Speech You're out. I'm in.

Willow/Dirk: "How could you do this? That job was mine! One day, I'll return the favor and steal a job RIGHT from under you!"

Speech We'll see...

Speech Blah blah blah...

If you choose We'll see...

Willow/Dirk: "You know, I thought you were just a harmless wannabe, but now I can see you've got some claws... I underestimated what you were capable of, Your Name. Lesson learned... It won't happen again!"

Speech (Hang up.)

If you choose Blah blah blah...

Hilary Winters wants to talk to you at the studio.

Hilary Winters: "There was a time when I thought Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds was sure to be the next megastar... A lot has changed since then. Mostly Willow/Dirk. It's just nice to be working with a professional again. I'm glad you could step in so we could finish this shoot."

Speech Happy to do it!

Hilary: "After the shoot, we'll need to complete the promotional photos as well. It shouldn't take more than a few hours... I'll set it up with your manager."

Speech Ok.

Hilary: "We're running behind schedule so let's finish up this shoot, shall we? Lights, camera, ACTION!"

Speech (Get ready.)

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