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When you arrive, Muse Magazine's Lauren Kichley will be there to interview you.

Lauren: "I'm sure by now you must have seen Chase Wilde's impression of you. What did you think?"

Speech Very funny.
Speech Kind of mean.

If you say "very funny", she will respond with:

Lauren: "It's great you can laugh about yourself. Some people would be offended by that kind of behavior."

Speech Not me.

Lauren: "I can see that. How refreshing to talk to a celebrity with a sense of humor. Anyway, thank you for your time. I'm sure our readers will be very interested in this."

Speech Thanks.

After completing the event, Maria will call.

Maria: "I just got a call from Muse Magazine. They're saying they loved the interview and want to make it the cover story!"

Speech Great!

Maria: "There's just one catch."

Speech What?

Maria: "They want to do a photo shoot with you and Chase Wilde."

Speech Really?

Maria: "I think you should do it. It'll be great for your image. I'll set it up and let you know when it's ready to go."

Speech Okay.

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