Now that you've pruned and watered the vines, you're almost done creating your own wine! The last step is to harvest the grapes from the vines you've pruned and watered.

In order to complete the goal, scroll to the left of the screen and tap the purple speech bubble marked "Harvest Grapes" above the rows of vines, which have now grown gorgeous purple grapes.

After spending Energy5 to complete the action, the Fruits of Your Labor goal will be complete.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Reward
harvest grapes Energy5 Cash+8 XP+6


Philip Nel You've got a real knack for this.
You Speech Thanks.

Philip Nel Excellent work on the harvest, YourName. Now it's time to officially unveil your wine to the world. Want to do the launch event here?
You Speech Sure.
Philip Nel Great! I'll take care of the details; you'll just need to show up. See you soon!
You Speech Thanks, Philip.

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