After designing your own perfume at the Perfumery in Lisbon, you get a call from Sandra Kirkland, your real-estate agent.

Sandra tells you that there's an amazing smell in the air: the smell of opportunity, of making k-stars and cash.

Meet Sandra at the Perfumery in Lisbon. She will tell you that the Perfumery is for sale for Star60, and you can purchase it, if you so desire.

Purchasing the perfumery allows you to launch one perfume per week. In order to make Star3 and Cash12,500, you need to design the perfume and promote it.

Even if you decide not to buy the perfumery, ending the conversation with Sandra ensures you've completed the goal.


Sandra Kirkland YourName, do you smell that?
You Speech Smell what?
Sandra Kirkland Opportunity - specifically the opportunity to make k-stars and cash! Meet me at the perfumery in Lisbon and I'll fill you in on the details.
You Speech Okay.

Sandra Kirkland YourName, thanks for coming. This perfumery is for sale. Given your fragrance experience, it could be quite profitable for you.
You Speech How profitable?
Sandra Kirkland You can make 2 k-stars per week launching new fragrances. If you fully furnish your perfumery, you'll earn 3 k-stars per fragrance! As for the cash, you can earn up to a whopping $12,500 per week.
You Speech How?
Sandra Kirkland In the fragrance business, you need to invest money to make money. So when creating your fragrances, invest as much as you can for maximum cash payout.
You Speech Got it.
Sandra Kirkland When you buy this perfumery, you'll also get the choice of a 3-hour magazine ad, commercial or launch event to promote your fragrance. And if you buy the Lisbon home, you'll get a FREE table to show off your fragrance bottle. So what do you think? Want to own a perfumery?
You Speech 1 (Buy perfumery.) Star60
Speech 2 I'll think about it.
Sandra Kirkland 1 Congratulations, YourName. You are the proud owner of a perfumery! I'll let you set up.
2 No problem. I'll be here if you change your mind.
You Speech 1 & 2 Thanks, Sandra.

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