Sometime after completing the The Conquistar Shoot with Julio Romero, your brand manager, RT, will give you a call.

He will tell you that the dilapidated Villa Jardin, where you attended Julio's Beach Party with Kim, is now for sale. He recommends you buy the place for cheap now, and fix it up, so you can turn a profit.

To complete the goal, travel to Villa Jardin, which is located in Papagayo, and talk to Yazmin Torres. Yazmin will tell you how much the hotel is being sold for, and how much money you can earn from it.

If you do decide to purchase the hotel for Star5, you will unlock the Hotel Makeover goal.


RT YourName, what's good?
You Speech Hey RT.
RT Know that hotel you and Kim visited in Costa Rica? Word on the web is it's for sale.
You Speech Oh yeah?
RT Kim mentioned the hotel has seen better days. I'm thinking you could get it for cheap, fix it up and then start turning a sweet profit. I know someone in Papagayo who can fill you in on the deets.
You Speech Sounds good.
RT Her name is Yazmin, and she'll be hanging out in the lobby of Villa Jardin. Um, say what's up to her for me, will ya?
You Speech Sure, no problem.
RT Cool, peace!
You Speech Later, RT.

Yazmin Torres Pura Vida, YourName! I'm Yazmin.
You Speech Nice to meet ya.
Yazmin Torres RT talks about you all the time. He tells me you might be interested in buying this hotel - your timing couldn't be more perfect.
You Speech Oh yeah?
Yazmin Torres Papagayo is still relatively unknown, but it's going to blow up soon. Travelers in the know are already starting to come here.
You Speech How much is the hotel?
Yazmin Torres It's a steal at 5 k-stars, but as you can tell, the hotel needs work. You'll need to invest 85 k-stars and $50,000, before this place will make money.
You Speech How much can it make?
Yazmin Torres Up to 3 k-stars and $2,000 per week. So what do you say? Want to be the owner of a hotel?
You Speech 1 Yes. Star5
Speech 2 I'll think about it.
Yazmin Torres 1 Congrats! You now own Villa Jardin.
2 Cool, I'll be here if you want to buy this place later.
You Speech 1 Thanks! Oh, RT says hi.
Speech 2 Thanks. Oh, RT says hi.
Yazmin Torres 1 Aw, he's a sweetheart. Give me a shout, when you want to start the renovations.
2 Aw, he's a sweetheart. Hope to see you soon, YourName.
You Speech 1 Will do, thanks.
Speech 2 Thanks, Yazmin.

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