This goal arc was part of the 5-Year Kimiversary Event from June 21 until June 23, 2019.
The arc will only remain available after that time if you've unlocked the first goal, 5-Yr. Kimiversary.

After a disastrous run-in with Kim Kardashian's impersonator, Kimm Kardashiann, you finally discover where Kim is hiding out.

Travel to LAX for Cash6 and swipe to the right until you see the Championship Business Centers Inc. building. Tap the purple door icon BuildingsIcon to enter.

You find Kim near a white desk. She needs to study for a baby bar exam she's taking, so she was hiding out in the offices to prevent anyone from interrupting her.

She's amused at everything that's happened and appreciative of the fact that your agent, Simon Orsik, your publicist, Maria Holmes, and you have been trying to find the best way to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of her phone game.

That said, she's already set everything up; she's planning a fashion show, and wants you to model alongside her! When you happily agree, she's grateful, and then goes back to studying.

This unlocks the next goal in the arc, Kimiversary Show.


Kim Kardashian YourName, I was just thinking about you!
You Speech 1 (Hug.)
Speech 2 Awwwww...
Kim Kardashian 1 & 2 What brings you here?
You Speech (Give Kim a recap of events.)
Kim Kardashian Wow, you can't make that stuff up. Sorry it was so hard to find me. I'm taking a baby bar exam next week for my law apprenticeship. I decided to study here for a few days, so I wouldn't be interrupted.
You Speech Makes sense.
Kim Kardashian As for the 5-year anniversary of my phone game, I really appreciate you, Simon and Maria thinking about it, but I already have everything planned.
You Speech Why am I not surprised?
Kim Kardashian I'm holding a fashion show to celebrate. There is just one last thing I need to do.
You Speech What's that?
Kim Kardashian YourName, will you model with me for my 5-year anniversary fashion show?
You Speech Of course.
Kim Kardashian You're the best! I booked Metropolitan Magazine for the show.
You Speech Got it.
Kim Kardashian I should get back to studying.
You Speech Good luck and see ya soon.
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