The media is still dogging you. Maria demands you continue making public appearances. Attend the eight hour party with Kendall Jenner.

Dialogue: Edit

Kendall Jenner: "Your Name! There's someone here that I want you to meet. This is Anna Dello Russo, one of my favorite magazine editors."

Speech Hi!

Anna Dello Russo: "It's good to finally meet you, my darling! I've seen some of your work, and Kendall says that you have a love for fashion that almost rivals mine. We should get along well!"

Speech I hope so!

Kendall: "Anna is looking for new models to feature, and I told her that you would be the perfect choice."

Speech Oh, thanks!

Anna: "Kendall may be right, but my magazine wouldn't be what it is if I simply featured the friends of my friends. I only want to work with models who truly embody fashion. The audience can tell if you are just trying to be cool, and if you only care about sales. You must be willing to be uncomfortable and take risks in the name of fashion. Does that describe you, Your Name?"

Speech Yes!

Anna: "Then I must have you at the auction for my next issue! Remember, fashion is like music. When you put music in a cage, it doesn't work. Good luck!"

Speech Thanks!

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