Some time after installing Version 9.4.0 of the game, you'll receive a call from your manager, Simon Orsik.

Simon informs you that real-life fashion brand alice + olivia is looking for one more model for their Fall Collection show at New York Fashion Week and that you're in the running.

At the same time, your good friend designer Misty Levin needs your help with a project, and Simon recommends you swing by his office for the details.

Travel to CTM Management and Publicity and select "Simon's Office" to meet with Simon.

Simon tells you that he's still working on securing your spot in the alice + olivia show, but suggests you speak to Misty about her dilemma.

Two of Misty's New York Fashion Week models can't walk in her show, and she'd love for you to help. But the weird thing is that your Rival has also offered to help out.

Despite the hesitation, Misty has accepted your rival's help, and you offer to help despite you own reservations.

After leaving Simon's office, you'll receive a call from your rival, unlocking the next goal, Falling For a Scheme.


Simon Orsik YourName! I have some potentially great news regarding a hot brand! "alice + olivia" is looking for one more model for their Fall Collection show at New York Fashion Week - and you're in the running!
You Speech The running?
Simon Orsik Well... my sources tell me it's down to you and Willow/Dirk... But we also have something else on the docket.
You Speech What's that?
Simon Orsik Our good friend Misty Levin needs your help! Swing by my office for the details.
You Speech I'm on it!

Simon Orsik Glad you're here! I'm working on the alice + olivia show, but in the meantime, Misty's here with something of her own...
You Speech Hey, Misty!
Misty Levin Hey! Okay, so... I'm super sorry to bother you, but I have a big problem! Not one, but two models got food poisoning and had to drop out of my New York Fashion Week show! It's not a very big show compared to, say, alice + olivia, but it's so important to me - and now it's all but ruined!
You Speech Need my help?
Misty Levin I would love it! Only weird thing is... Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds also offered to help. I know you don't have, well, the greatest history with her/him, so I didn't know what to do.
You Speech I'll still help!
Misty Levin Are you sure? Thank you! I'm worried about Willow/Dirk, though. I get the feeling s/he didn't offer to help from the goodness of her/his heart...
You Speech I'll handle her/him...

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The fashion world is a-buzz waiting to see who will be the final model added to alice + olivia's NYFW roster!
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Rival Well, well, well... Looks like we'll be working the same show. Isn't that convenient?
You Speech What do you want?
Rival I have an offer... come see me at The Brew Palms if you think you can handle it.
You Speech Fine...

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