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For a baby, there are two types of kustomization options that can be chosen in the wardrobe. They are: eyes and skintone.

When you adopt a baby or have a baby with your partner, all of the kustomization options are immediately unlocked. You can change your baby's appearance in the nursery of your home.

Unlike when dressing your Star or Starlet, when purchasing an item for your baby, you will receive no reward.

Below, you will find images of all of the available kustomization options for babies.



Skintone-01.png Skintone-02.png Skintone-03.png Skintone-04.png Skintone-05.png Skintone-06.png Skintone-07.png


Eye Colors
Eyecolour-01.png Eyecolour-02.png Eyecolour-03.png Eyecolour-04.png Eyecolour-05.png Eyecolour-06.png Eyecolour-07.png
Eyecolour-08.png Eyecolour-09.png Eyecolour-10.png Eyecolour-11.png Eyecolour-12.png Eyecolour-13.png Eyecolour-14.png
Eyecolour-15.png Eyecolour-16.png Eyecolour-17.png Eyecolour-18.png Eyecolour-19.png Eyecolour-20.png
Baby-face-eyes01.png Baby-face-eyes02.png