Ernest Hemming is the founder and chairman of The Kim Kardashian Society, whom you meet for the first time during the KK Society Event goal.

According to Ernest, the Society was formed to "study and celebrate the person that is Kim Kardashian."

Ernest initially has a very formal manner about him, but when the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game is brought up, he suddenly reveals that he's been "slayin' and tappin' since 2014."

The Kim Kardashian Society has its own app, called The Kim Kardashian Society App, which keeps track of Kim Kardashian's whereabouts.


  • Ernest Hemming is likely created as a homage to the American writer Ernest Hemingway. Not only is his appearance and manner similar to Hemingway's, but Hemingway's wife created The Hemingway Society in tribute to his works.


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