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After your appearance at Panino, where you discovered the evil plans of Bug Syrup to mooch off your fame and marry you for your money, you receive a call from Kim, who's been keeping an eye on your hacked account.

Kim's worried about what Bug Syrup is doing to your career, and officially declares a state of emergency. She asks that you come to her mansion as soon as you can and help figure out what to do about this mess.

Travel to Kim's Mansion in Beverly Hills to begin this goal.

Together, you and Kim manage to figure out what the self-centered Bug Syrup's password is, and typing it in gives you access back to your social media account!

Unfortunately, Bug Syrup has followed you to Kim's mansion, and begs you to reconsider marrying him so he can mooch off you forever.

Kim fortunately interrupts, and tells him to leave you alone. Then, she reveals that the Halloween party is still happening and tells you to wear your very best costume!


Kim Kardashian YourName. I just saw what that creep, Bugsyrup, sent out from your account! He wants you two to get MARRIED? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!
You Speech I know!
Kim Kardashian Okay, we are now officially in emergency mode. We have to think of something to stop this creep, and fast! At this rate, he's going to ruin your name. Our Halloween party being canceled will be the least of your worries!
You Speech I agree!
Kim Kardashian I'm just at home right now. Swing by and we'll figure something out. Together.
You Speech Thank you, Kim!
Kim Kardashian Anything for you, YourName! But, hurry!
You Speech On my way!

Kim Kardashian Okay, YourName, let's get straight to it. This party planner, Bugsyrup, he's using your social media as, like, a bargaining chip, right?
You Speech Yeah, it's so annoying!
Kim Kardashian Totally! I wonder if we can't just figure out what he changed your password to and get it back that way? Like, let's think. What do we know about this guy?
You Speech 1 Self-centered....
Speech 2 A total jerk...
Kim Kardashian 1 Did you see his handle? His name three times? Like, why so many?
2 Absolutely, and he's SO into himself. Like, did you see his handle? His name three times? Like, why so many?
You Speech 1 & 2 Wait a minute...
Kim Kardashian Hold up... yeah, if he's that self-centered...
You Speech Maybe the password...
Kim Kardashian ...Is just his name again! Try it, YourName!
You Speech Bugsyrup...
Kim Kardashian Hmm, that didn't seem to work. Oh! Of course! Try his name three times!
You Speech Bugsyrup, Bugsyrup...
Kim Kardashian Last one!
You Speech Bugsyrup!
ImageMissing NOOOOOOO! You got access back to your account! You DEFEATED ME!
You Speech Were you hiding?!
ImageMissing Not hiding, following! But you figured out my perfect plans! I've been foiled, foiled!
You Speech 1 What you deserve!
Speech 2 Sorry...
ImageMissing 1 Heartless! All I wanted to do was use you for fame and fortune, is that SO bad?!
2 You are? So you'll still get married to me and let me leech off you forever?
You Speech 2 Uh, no.
ImageMissing 2 Heartless! All I wanted to do was use you for fame and fortune, is that SO bad?!
Kim Kardashian 1 & 2 Yes! That's actually the worst! Now leave us alone. YourName and I have to get ready for our Halloween party.
You Speech A That's right!
Speech B It's still happening?
Kim Kardashian A We are going to have so much fun, and forget all about this stressful situation.
B Of course! Now it'll be a celebration of overcoming this stressful situation AND a fun costume party!
You Speech A & B That sounds great!
Kim Kardashian Amazing! Okay YourName, let's go get ready. Oh, and don't forget to wear your cutest costume tonight, okay?
You Speech Will do!

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