duLUXE Lifestyle Apartments is an apartment building in Downtown LA. It's located next to So Chic Boutique, and it houses your very first home in the game.

Unlike any of your other homes, you rent this apartment from a landlord, and it's not your own property.

Still, you will only have to pay rent to your landlord Silvio Carbone once. During the Rent Money or Rented Time, he will show up to your apartment, and demand the rent of Cash750.

If you don't pay Silvio the money, the apartment will be locked until you pay him the rent you owe.

The locked bedroom in the apartment unlocks as a nursery once you get a baby.


duLUXE Lifestyle Apartments InteriorEdit




Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
DuLUXELifestyleApartmentsCouch Couch Cash500 GoldHeart4
DuLUXELifestyleApartmentsPoster Poster Star10 GoldHeart1
DuLUXELifestyleApartmentsSideTable Side Table Cash250 GoldStar2
Goldfish Goldfish Cash50 None
Charli Charli Star20 GoldHeart10
DuLUXELifestyleApartmentsFloorLamp Floor Lamp Cash125 GoldHeart1
DuLUXELifestyleApartmentsChair Chair Cash100 GoldStar1

duLUXE LifeStyle Apartments ExteriorEdit

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