After meeting Kim Kardashian, you've arrived back at your apartment to change into something you can wear to the photo shoot.

Swipe to the right side of the screen and tap the purple bubble marked "search for clothing to wear." You'll need to tap it three times in order to complete the task.

After completing the task, you'll unlock the wardrobe.

Tap on the coat hanger icon KustomizationIcon in the menu bar to open your wardrobe and change into your new clothes.

If you're a Star, you'll be awarded a blue jean jacket with a black shirt. If you're a Starlet, you'll be awarded a white dress.

Tap on the shirt/dress to change into it. This will complete the goal.

You will then receive a call from Kim, who will tell you that the photo shoot is in Beverly Hills, in a building called Metropolitan Magazine.

After this, the next goal, Exit to the Left, will be unlocked.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Reward
search for clothing to wear Energy3 Cash+4, XP+2

Dress to Impress ItemsEdit


Narrator You're ready and looking fab for the photo shoot! Newly available items are marked with a '!' in the wardrobe.
You Speech ok.

Kim Kardashian Hey! It's Kim Kardashian. I just wanted to let you know that you're all set to come by the shoot, and I have an extra little surprise for you... So, remember: it's in the Metropolitan Magazine building in Beverly Hills, and don't forget to dress to impress. I'll see you soon!
You Speech Okay!

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