This goal arc was part of the 5-Year Kimiversary Event from June 21 until June 23, 2019.
The arc will only remain available after that time if you've unlocked the first goal, 5-Yr. Kimiversary.

Now that you've celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Kim Kardashian's mobile game in style, you've been invited by your publicist, Maria Holmes, to meet her.

Travel to Santa Monica for Cash40 and swipe to the right to find Maria standing just beside the PopGlam Santa Monica studios.

Tap the yellow speech bubble next to her head to begin the goal.

Maria will reveal that Kim has gifted you with a festive photobooth background to commemorate the game's anniversary, which you can find in the Photobooth.

She'll then show you a video, which was anonymously sent to her.

The video shows that Kim's impersonator, Kimm Kardashiann, is having too much fun being Kim, and addresses you specifically to say that she's "sorry, but not sorry" for reverting to her old ways.

Maria asks if you can handle a world with both your Rival and Kimm, and you confidently proclaim that you're more than ready.

This concludes the 5-year Kimiversary storyline from the game!

Photobooth BackgroundEdit


Maria Holmes YourName, thanks for coming. First off, Kim asked me to give you this new photo booth background. It's to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of her phone game.
You Speech Thanks.
Maria Holmes Someone sent me this video. It's from last night's episode of Kimm Kardashiann's reality show.
You Speech (Watch clip.)
Kimm Kardashiann So I told YourName that I would stop impersonating Kim. But you know what? It's way too much fun being Kim. So if you're watching this, YourName, all I can say is: sorry, not sorry.
Maria Holmes YourName, think we can handle a world with Willow/Dirk AND Kimm?
You Speech For sure.
Maria Holmes You really think so?
You Speech 1 Absolutely. Cash+5, XP+10
Speech 2 Bible. Cash+5, XP+10
Maria Holmes 1 & 2 End of dialogue.
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