This goal arc was part of the January Weekend Event from January 15th until January 31, 2018.
The arc will only remain available after that time if you've unlocked the first goal, All Wet.

This goal will unlock only when you chose to tell Michigan Smith that you would figure out a way to get into the fashion show at Femme in Paris.

Confusingly, at the end of the conversation, Michigan gave you Cash500, while urging you "not to use it during the auction."

Still, you need to get hold of that monkey, so you accepted the money. Now, it's time to make an appearance at Femme.

You can wait 6 hours until Simon calls you about the appearance, or pay ​​Star12 to start immediately.

Travel to Femme in Paris and talk to Alexis Masterson to begin your appearance.

The fashion show will be hosted by Julia Kross, who will be taking bids on The Golden Monkey of Papeete.

The dialogue will go a little differently depending on which actions you choose to take. Kicking up a fuss by claiming the monkey is yours and bowing out of the bid will lose you the monkey.

If you choose to bid on the item, the bidding will increase until Cash300, and you'll win back the monkey.

After the show, you'll receive a call from Margaret Dupree, which will vary depending on whether you won the monkey or not.

If you won the monkey, the next goal is Monkeyin' Around. If you lost the monkey, the next goal is Monkeyin' Around!

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 6 hours
Energy Needed: Energy96
Stars Needed: BlueStar104
5-Star Reward: Cash+500, XP+215

Action Cost Reward Achievement
wait for next look Energy5 Cash+6, XP+4, BlueStar+5 -
listen to music Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, BlueStar+1 -
mental note Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 The Look
make friends Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
smile at models Energy8 Cash+11, XP+9, BlueStar+8 -
wave to friend Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -


Julia Kross Welcome! We welcome you to another one of Vivian Vandermeer's fantastic, fabulous, fashion shows! As you know we, ahem, bid on the items as a way to show our respect for them. Nothing shady happening here, and certainly no priceless artifacts changing hands.
You Speech Sure...
Julia Kross So let's get started! Look at this beautiful Golden Statuette I have here! Wow! Breathtaking! Shall we start the bidding?
You Speech 1 (Bid on treasure.) Cash100
Speech 2 (Do nothing.)
Julia Kross 1 Leads to below conversation with Vivian.
2 We have a bidder on call who's eager to get his hands on this item, last chance for anyone?
You Speech A (Bid on treasure.) Cash200
Speech B That's my Monkey!
Julia Kross A Leads to below conversation with Vivian.
B O-oh my. I beg your pardon? Who is this... miscreant! If you would like to um, support, this treasure, you'll have to bid like everyone else!
You Speech B It should be on display!
Julia Kross B In a private collection, I wholeheartedly agree. Ahem, Vivian?
Vivian Vandermeer Hey... wait a minute... aren't you...
You Speech Who, me?
Vivian Vandermeer Oh my- you're YourName! How did you get in here?!
You Speech Not important.
Vivian Vandermeer No, you're right, it's not important. Now PLEASE stop making a stink. You're drawing a lot of suspicion...
You Speech Give the monkey back!
Vivian Vandermeer Ha. Ha ha! Nothing to see here folks! Just a little bit of confusion, we'll have this all sorted out! YourName, you can hold on to the Golden Monkey of Papeete for just a moment - an act of good faith to show absolutely nothing unsavory is going on here. We'll talk more after the show.
You Speech Fine.
Vivian Vandermeer Ah good the bidding has begun. Wait a second...!
You Speech Hello, Vivian.
Vivian Vandermeer YourName! You can't be here, you can't bid on this item!
You Speech 1 Really? Two hundred! Cash200
Speech 2 (Give up.)
Vivian Vandermeer 1 S-stop! You can't... this can't be. I beat you! I beat you!
2 That's right. I'm sure SOMEONE here is willing to pay a fortune for this priceless artifact, someone who knows the benefit of keeping a treasure for themselves only. I mean, what's the use in owning things if other people can enjoy them? Makes no sense.
You Speech A Three hundred more! Cash300
Speech B (Give up.)
Vivian Vandermeer B That's right. I'm sure SOMEONE here is willing to pay a fortune for this priceless artifact, someone who knows the benefit of keeping a treasure for themselves only. I mean, what's the use in owning things if other people can enjoy them? Makes no sense.
Julia Kross A And SOLD! To YourName with the undisputed high bid!
You Speech Yes!!
Vivian Vandermeer NO! This can't be... I should have gotten WAY more for it than that! This isn't over, you hear me? That monkey is NOT yours.
You Speech Sorry, Vivian.

FemmeFeed Femme @FemmeParis
We'll have pics posted of YourName from Vivian's Show on (Date) at (Time).
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Check out the latest from YourName's appearance at Vivian's Show.
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Margaret Dupree YourName! What happened? You weren't able to get the monkey?
You Speech No, I wasn't.
Margaret Dupree Alright. Okay. Don't panic, don't panic. I'm sure... I'm sure we can figure something out. Just come to the museum unveiling and we'll... wing it. Together.
You Speech Okay...

Margaret Dupree YourName! You've done it! You've really done it!
You Speech I have!
Margaret Dupree The Golden Monkey of Papeete is saved! I'm so happy I could just cry. I'm setting up a party at Oak to unveil it, will you bring it with you when you come by?
You Speech Of course.
Margaret Dupree Excellent! Oh, I'm just buzzing, YourName, buzzing!

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