This goal arc was part of the January Weekend Event from January 15th until January 31, 2018.
The arc will only remain available after that time if you've unlocked the first goal, All Wet.

Following your conversation with Michigan Smith, you decide to attend a wine tasting event at Casa de Vidrio in Maipo Valley to see if you can find out more about the treasure.

You can wait for Simon's call or pay Star12 to begin the event immediately.

Travel to Casa de Vidrio in Maipo Valley and talk to Ray Powers to begin the event.

At the event, you will meet David Hines, who doesn't know anything about the treasure, but can tell you that a woman in a black coat was snooping around earlier.

Linda Jones, another guest at the wine tasting, overhears your conversation with David. She tells you she heard the woman say that was planning to bulldoze a stretch of land in Bora Bora.

Michigan points out that the woman is likely to be be Vivian Vandermeer.

After completing the event, the next goal, Michigan Catch-Up, will be automatically unlocked.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 6 hours
Energy Needed: Energy84
Stars Needed: BlueStar105
5-Star Reward: Cash+550, XP+215

Action Cost Reward Achievement
picture time! Energy4 Cash+5, XP+3, BlueStar+4 Vanity
share selfies Energy5 Cash+4, XP+4, BlueStar+6 -
charm guests Energy6 Cash+7, XP+7, BlueStar+9 -
good conversation Energy8 Cash+10, XP+10, BlueStar+11 -
entertain Energy8 Cash+10, XP+10, BlueStar+11 -
make a toast Energy5 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
meet & greet Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
grab a bite Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+4 Foodie
make friends Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
mingle Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
discuss art Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+4 Socialite
refreshments Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
socialize Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -


David Hines Wow, YourName, what are you doing here? I'm such a HUGE fan!
You Speech Thanks.
David Hines I just really can't believe you're here. You must really love wine!
You Speech (Ask for help.)
David Hines A treasure? I don't know about there. But there was someone snooping around here. A woman in a black coat.
You Speech Hmmm.
David Hines Wow, YourName in the flesh. My friends will never believe this.
Linda Jones Excuse me, were you asking about that strange woman who was lurking about?
You Speech Yes! Know something?
Linda Jones I know that woman was horrible. I heard her discussing a plan to bulldoze some giant stretch of land in Bora Bora. All so she could build herself a compound. Not to mention she was very rude to the staff here. Only tipped five per cent!
You Speech Where'd she go?
Linda Jones Not sure, sorry.
Michigan Smith It's not much to work on but one thing's for sure: we're on the right track if Vivian Vandermeer is snooping around here.
You Speech 1 She sounds awful.
Speech 2 I want to meet her.
Michigan Smith 1 She is! I can hardly speak her name without a shiver running down my spine. But we can't let that evil woman stop us from returning this treasure to its rightful owners.
2 Don't say that! Not even as a joke. I rue the day I meet the horrible Ms. Vandermeer. But we can't let that evil woman stop us from returning this treasure to its rightful owners.
You Speech 1 & 2 I agree.

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