Sometime after reaching level 8, and unlocking the Konnections feature, you'll be able to unlock this goal.

It is unlocked after the first time you make a romantic konnection on the Konnections app.

Once you've made a konnection, and exited the app, you'll receive a call from the person you've just konnected with to ask you out on a date.

You'll accept the date and the konnection will ask to meet you at Panino in Beverly Hills.

Don't worry if you're already dating or married; your relationship will not be affected by the goal arc.

If you're not already in California, find the nearest airport and travel to LAX. From there, you can travel to Beverly Hills with the bus for Cash4. If you own a car, travel within California will be free.

Swipe right and enter Panino to begin your date. You'll find your Konnection already waiting for you at one of the tables. Tap the yellow speech bubble to begin the goal.

Your Konnection will ask you if you're ready to start the goal. If you're ready to start the date, answer "Sure" to begin the date immediately.

If you don't have enough energy, you can choose to say "Not yet". If you do, the dialogue will close and you'll have to re-enter Panino to start the date.

After completing the goal, you'll receive a call from your Konnection to tell you they've really enjoyed the date.

After hanging up, you'll receive a call from your publicist, Maria Holmes, who tells you that your new date has been noticed. She invites you to attend an event at Lif in Miami, unlocking the next goal, Shake It.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Energy Needed: Energy27
Hearts Needed: Heart33

Action Cost Reward Achievement
chef's special Cash40, Energy6 XP+7, Heart+7 -
fancy wine Cash50, Energy3 XP+2, Heart+4 -
dessert Cash15, Energy2 XP+2, Heart+3 -
kiss Energy5 XP+6, Heart+9, Energy+1 -
flirt Energy8 XP+7, Heart+7 Love
romantic glances Energy3 Cash+1, XP+3, Heart+3 Love


Romantic Interest Hey, YourName, it was great to konnect with you. Should we get together sometime?
You Speech Sure.
Romantic Interest Great. Why don't we grab a bite together at Panino.
You Speech Sounds good!

Romantic Interest Hi, YourName, so great to see you.
You Speech You too!
Romantic Interest So, shall we start our date?
You Speech 1 Sure.
Speech 2 Not yet.

Romantic Interest YourName, I had a great time on our date.
You Speech 1 Me too!
Speech 2 It was okay.
Romantic Interest And I can't wait to see you again.
You Speech A That's sweet. Heart+5
Speech B I'll call you.

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