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⤿ REASON: Alternate Dialogue

After everything that has happened, Igor wants you to be the new owner of the Prague Home. You can purchase it for Cash.png220,000 or Star.png70. If you choose not to buy the house, you can revisit at any time and buy it through Sandra Kirkland.

If you bought(?) the house, Simon will call...


IgorBloch.png (PlayerName), after everything you have done, believe that you should be the new owner of this house.
You Speech.png Really?
IgorBloch.png Yes! It's not mine to give, but I have convinced the owner to sell to you. Are you interested?
You Speech.png 1 Yes!
Speech.png 2 No.
IgorBloch.png 1 The seller is asking for $220,000
2 ---
You Speech.png 1A (Buy home.) Cash.png220,000
Speech.png 1B (Buy home.) Star.png70
Speech.png 1C (Cancel.)
Speech.png 2 ---
IgorBloch.png 1A&1B Welcome home!
1C ---
You Speech.png 1A&1B Thanks!
Speech.png 1C ---
IgorBloch.png Now I must be off... My time here is done...
You Speech.png Where will you go?
IgorBloch.png Probably Florida. I like Prague but I love the beach.
You Speech.png Oh. Okay.
IgorBloch.png See you around!

Simon Orsik.png (PlayerName), I just watched your last movies... The Prince of Prague...
You Speech.png And...
Simon Orsik.png I forgot that I should never watch horror movies. Now I think there might be a ghost in my office.
You Speech.png You're okay.
Simon Orsik.png Well, I just thought, since you did such a good job dealing with that ghost, maybe you could help me...
You Speech.png We'll see...
Narrator.png And so ends the tale of The Prince of Prague... Or does it?

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