This is a recurring goal – a goal that can be completed more than once.
This particular goal can be done once a week.

If you decided to purchase the Cape Town Vineyard in Cape Town, you can create a new wine by talking to the vineyard manager, Philip Nel, once a week.

In order to successfully launch a new wine, you need to complete the wine-making process (pruning, watering, and harvesting) and host a launch event for the wine.

This means you have to complete the following four sub-goals in order:

  1. Pruning Pro
  2. Drink Up
  3. Harvest Time!!
  4. My Celeb Wine!

Once you've completed all four goals, Philip will call you and tell you how well your wine performed that week.

If your wine did fairly well, you'll earn Star2 and Cash1,250. But if your wine did really well, and a restaurant tweeted about it, your reward is increased to Star5 and Cash2,500.

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