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It's finally time to create your own celebrity fragrance!

You can wait 8 hours until Simon calls you about the event, or pay Star.png16 to start immediately.

Travel to the Perfumery in Lisbon and talk to Sofia Diniz to begin the process of designing your perfume.

If you decided to collaborate with professional scent designer Carolina Veloso, she will be present during the process. If not, she will be absent.

Depending on which option you chose, the dialogue will be a little different.

After finishing the event, and leaving the Perfumery, you'll receive a call from your brand manager, RT. He'll advise you to give the perfume one final marketing push.

You can choose to promote your perfume by using billboards, which will cost Star.png10, or you can choose to throw a party.

If you choose to use billboards, and you have chosen to also purchase the other Star.pngk-star options during previous goals, Ray Powers and your rival, Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds, will tweet about your perfume.

If you choose to host a party, the next goal will be A Fragrant Debut.

Available Actions[edit | edit source]

Time Limit: Time.png 8 hours
Energy Needed: Energy.png
Stars Needed: BlueStar.png
5-Star Reward: Cash.png+858, XP.png+260

Action Cost Reward Achievement
top notes Energy.png4 Cash.png+, XP.png+, BlueStar.png+ -
discuss fragrance Energy.png2 Cash.png+, XP.png+, BlueStar.png+ -

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Carolina Veloso.png YourName, the scent we create here today may be your signature fragrance, but I want you to know that it's very important and special to me as well... This will be the final fragrance I create. The scent I will forever be known for in the industry. My legacy. I promise you... I will create a fragrance for the ages... if you promise me you'll do your best to get it out to the people.
You Speech.png I'll do my best!
Sofia Diniz.png YourName, it's so exciting to be working with you, AND world class scent designer Carolina Veloso! I'm certain your signature fragrance is going to be incredible! Shall we?
You Speech.png Let's get to work!

Carolina Veloso.png This will be my finest work. I appreciate that you will be selling it in such a wonderful designer bottle!
You Speech.png (Smile.)
Sofia Diniz.png (PlayerName), between Carolina Veloso and these amazing designer bottles, I don't see how your fragrance could be anything but a success!
You Speech.png (Smile.)

RT.png YourName, now that your fragrance is ready, and it looks great! You should consider giving it a great marketing push.
You Speech.png Any suggestions?
RT.png You could throw a party a hope that word of mouth will really build some excitement for your fragrance, OR we could go big and set up some billboards. The billboard is definitely going to reach more people, but throwing an event would be cheaper. How should we advertise your fragrance?
You Speech.png 1 Billboard. Star.png10
Speech.png 2 Party.
RT.png 1 Billboard it is! I'll make some calls and get it done right away.
2 I thought you might say that, which is why I went ahead and booked Club Tulip for a party to promote your fragrance. I also invited Kim!
You Speech.png 1 Thanks, R.T.
Speech.png 2 Great!

SofiaDinizFeed.png Sofia Diniz @Sofia_P_Diniz
We'll have pics posted of YourName from Creating A Fragrance on (Date) at (Time).
RTFeed.png Carolina Veloso @CarolinaVeloso
My final gift to this world as a scent designer will be @YourName's new fragrance. Enjoy!
+758,400 fans
RayPowersFeed.png Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
@YourName's fragrance is selling WAY better than @WillowPape's/@DirkDiamond's, thanks to @CarolinaVeloso, a designer bottle, AND some fancy billboards!
RivalFeed.png Willow Pape / Dirk Diamonds @WillowPape / @DirkDiamonds
When did the world lose their collective sense of smell?
RayPowersFeed.png Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
All eyes were on (PlayerName) during his appearance at Creating A Fragrance.
+1,094,776 fans

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