After shooting your guest appearance on Star Home Designs, Kourtney offers to coauthor an article about interior design with you for Star Home Designs Magazine. The two of you have also been given that issue's cover, so you will need to complete a three hour photo shoot.

Dialogue: Edit

Kourtney Kardashian: "Your Name, guess who I ran into in the parking lot when I got here..."

Speech Willow/Dirk?

Kourtney: "How did you guess? Was it that obvious from my expression? Yeah it was Willow/Dirk. Not sure if you knew this but she/he is literally the worst driver ever. It took her/him 15 minutes just to pull out of her/his parking spot. It was so funny watching her/him struggle with her/his little pink convertible. It looked like a drunken toy doll trying to drive. Oh my God, you know what? I think Willow/Dirk might have been drunk!"

Speech (Laugh.)

Speech (Call authorities.)

If you choose (Laugh.)

Kourtney: "That's so irresponsible. Any shred of the respect I might have had Willow/Dirk is literally all gone."

If you choose (Call authorities.)

Kourtney: "You're totally right. We should contact the authorities and them know before she/he hurts someone."

Speech (Agree.)

Kourtney: "How could someone so irresponsible and dumb become so famous?? Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds is the kind of person that seems to perpetually fail upwards. Whatever. I don't even want to think about Willow/Dirk anymore."

Speech Me neither.

Additional Dialogue: Edit

Kourtney Kardashian: "We'll finish our interior design article for Star Home Designs Magazine during the breaks. I just want to relax for the rest of the day after this shoot is over."

Speech Good idea.

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