This goal arc was part of the January Weekend Event from January 15th until January 31, 2018.
The arc will only remain available after that time if you've unlocked the first goal, All Wet.

After deciding that the best way to search for the treasure of The Golden Monkey of Papeete is doing a photo shoot in Bora Bora, you take it up with your agent, Simon Orsik.

You can wait 6 hours until Simon calls you about the shoot, or pay Star12 to start immediately.

Travel to PopGlam Bora Bora in Bora Bora and talk to photographer Marcel Tesiano to begin the shoot.

During the shoot, Michigan Smith barks at you to start looking for the treasure, but immediately correct himself to gently suggest you dig into the earth. You will also be dressed in the same swimsuit as in All Wet.

And then, you find The Golden Monkey of Papeete!

Once the shoot is completed, the next goal, Monkey Shines, is immediately unlocked.


Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 6 hours
Energy Needed: Energy96
Stars Needed: BlueStar104
5-Star Reward: Cash+500, XP+215

Action Cost Reward Achievement
waterproof makeup Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 -
take direction Energy5 Cash+3 XP+3 BlueStar+3 -
change expression Energy4 Cash+3 XP+4 BlueStar+4 -
get some air Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 -
artistic pose Energy5 Cash+7 XP+3 BlueStar+6 Media Darling
focus Energy6 Cash+6 XP+7 BlueStar+6 -
photo finish Energy2 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+2 -
twirl Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 -
new pose Energy2 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+2 -
mysterious look Energy8 Cash+11 XP+9 BlueStar+9 The Look


Michigan Smith Start looking, it's got to be around here somewhere! Ah, I mean, how about a photo where we're kind of digging in the ground? YourName, why don't you try that?
You Speech I'll try.
Narrator Just then you uncover something shiny... Is it?... Could it be?... It is... The Golden Monkey of Papeete!
Michigan Smith That's it! You found it! The Papeete Monkey! I thought I would never lay eyes on it!
You Speech It's beautiful.

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