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After choosing to make Thanksgiving dinner on your own, have fun with Kim at an eight hour cooking class.

Dialogue: Edit

Kim Kardashian: "Hey, Your Name! Ready to learn some totally amazing recipes?"

Speech Absolutely!

Kim: "Celebrity chef Jordan Lambsy is here! He has a whole cooking class planned out for us."

Speech That's so fun!

Jordan Lambsy: "Yes, yes good afternoon. Today we're going to focus on how the basics of cooking can elevate classic dishes to whole other level."

Speech Sounds interesting.

Speech Sounds boring

If you choose Sounds interesting.

Jordan: "Yes, yes it certainly is! I'm glad you feel that way."

Speech So, what's first?

Jordan: "It really depends on what you're thinking about making. Do you want to go with the traditional turkey? Or maybe something a little more modern? Duck? Or preps a vegetarian squash risotto?"

Speech Fancy turkey!

Speech Duck sounds interesting!

Speech Vegetarian!

If you choose Fancy turkey!

Jordan: "An excellent choice! A classic. Using some intuitive cooking techniques, we can really make this dish sing."

Speech Sounds good!

Kim: "Wow! Are you really able to make something like that?"

Speech Yes!

Speech I'll learn now!

If you choose Yes!

Kim: "Amazing! You must be a natural born chef. My mom and Kylie love to cook too. I'm impressed by all three of you!"

Speech Thanks Kim!

Kim: "I'm getting so excited for the party! I can't wait to try the food you make."

Speech I'm excited too.

If you choose I'll learn now!

Missing info

If you choose Duck sounds interesting!

Missing info

If you choose Vegetarian!

Missing info

If you choose Sounds boring.

Missing info

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