For a baby, there are a number of clothes that can be purchased in the wardrobe for Cashcash or Starstars.

When you adopt a baby or have a baby with your partner, all of the hairstyles are immediately unlocked. You can change your baby's appearance in the nursery of your home.

Unlike when dressing your Star or Starlet, when purchasing an item for your baby, you will receive no reward.

The hairstyle your baby wears when you get them is their basic outfit, and that item will always be free.

Below, you will find images of all of the available clothes for babies.


Baby-clothes-outfit01 Cost: Star100
Only available for male babies
Baby-clothes-outfit02 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit03 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit04 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit05 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit06 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit07 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit08 Cost: Cash2,500
Baby-clothes-outfit09 Cost: Star50
Baby-clothes-outfit10 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit11 Cost: Star40
Baby-clothes-outfit12 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit13 Cost: Star50
Baby-clothes-outfit14 Cost: Star40
Baby-clothes-outfit15 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-clothes-outfit16 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit17 Cost: Cash3,500
Baby-clothes-outfit18 Cost: Star40
Baby-clothes-outfit19 Cost: Star150
Baby-clothes-outfit20 Cost: Star40
Baby-clothes-outfit21 Cost: Cash3,500
Baby-clothes-outfit22 Cost: Star75
Baby-clothes-outfit23 Cost: Star150
Baby-clothes-outfit24 Cost: Star100
Baby-clothes-outfit25 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit26 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit27 Cost: Cash500
Baby-clothes-outfit28 Cost: Cash9,000
Baby-clothes-outfit29 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit30 Cost: Cash3,000
Baby-clothes-outfit31 Cost: Cash4,000
Baby-clothes-outfit32 Cost: Star45
Baby-clothes-outfit33 Cost: Cash5,000
Baby-clothes-outfit34 Cost: Star20
Baby-clothes-outfit35 Cost: Cash9,500
Baby-clothes-outfit36 Cost: Star20
Baby-clothes-outfit37 Cost: Star75
Baby-clothes-outfit38 Cost: Star45
Baby-clothes-outfit39 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit40 Cost: Cash6,500
Baby-clothes-outfit41 Cost: Cash8,000
Baby-clothes-outfit42 Cost: Cash2,500
Only available for female babies
Baby-clothes-outfit43 Cost: Cash5,000
Only available for female babies
Baby-clothes-outfit44 Cost: Cash5,000
Only available for female babies
Baby-clothes-outfit45 Cost: Cash8,000
Baby-clothes-outfit46 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit47 Cost: Star30
Baby-clothes-outfit48 Cost: Star30
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