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Chevier Toronto is a business located in Toronto, which unlocks when you reach level 20 in the game. It is a branch of Chevier in Paris.

The store is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run for you by shop manager Logan Banks. If you purchase the shop for Star65, you can help customers pick the right outfit for a variety of occasions.

If you succeed in picking the right outfit for all 5 customers during the week, you will earn Star2 and Cash$1,000.

When you purchase all the available furniture in the store, this reward, and the amount of customers, will be increased to 10 customers and Star3 and Cash$2,000, respectively.

Chevier Toronto InteriorEdit




Image Furniture Peice Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Waiting Area Star5 GoldStar3
ImageMissing Cash Register Cash15,000 GoldStar2
ImageMissing Mannequin Display Star10 GoldStar2
ImageMissing Sweets and Drinks Stand Cash8,000 GoldHeart2
ImageMissing Wall Rack Star5 GoldStar2
ChevierTorontoPictures Pictures Cash20,000 GoldHeart2
ImageMissing Small Table Cash15,000 GoldStar2
ImageMissing Large Table Star5 GoldStar2

Chevier Toronto ExteriorEdit



Question Answer
"I'm headed to Bali for vacation, and I need some shorts. Any suggestions?" Khaki dress shorts.
"I'm looking for casual pants to go with a white v-neck sweater. What do you recommend?" Our grey slim-fit jeans.
"I'm wearing a black cocktail dress to an event tonight, and I want to get an accessory for it. Any ideas?" Our red Chevier clutch.
"I've got a date tonight, and I want to wear something sexy yet sophisticated. Got any suggestions?" Our satin sleeveless LBD.
"You got a belt that goes with brown wingtips? I got a job interview I need to crush." This brown belt.
"I'm going to a wedding, and I need a dress. What would you recommend?" This knee-length red dress.
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