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Chevier's Toronto location is 2,000 square feet of customizable retail space. Sandra introduces the opportunity for you to purchase Chevier Toronto after you complete Revolution Launch Party. The store costs Star65 to buy. If you chose to purchase it, Chevier Toronto comes with its own store manager. You are able to interact with one customer per day initially. If you fully furnish the store, you will be visited by 2 customers a day. Your weekly payout depends on how many customers you serve and if you make them happy.

Payout Edit

5 happy customers a week Cash1,000 Star2
10 happy customers a week Cash2,000  Star3

Goals Edit

Chevier Toronto!

Chevier Toronto Tour

Cost to FurnishEdit

Unfurnished - Furnished


Image Furniture Peice Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Large clothing tables Star5 -
ImageMissing Small clothing tables Cash15000 -
ImageMissing Small pictures Cash20000 -
ImageMissing Wall display Star5 -
ImageMissing Merchandise Stand Star5 -
ImageMissing Center display Star10 -
ImageMissing Sitting Area Star5 -
ImageMissing Check-Out Computer Cash15000 -
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